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SHalom project

Breakaway Ministries partners with organizations each semester for the Shalom Project. For the Spring 2019 Shalom Project, Breakaway partnered with 3 organizations: Elam Ministries, Deaf Bible Society and the Seed Company. Through Elam, 8,500 translated copies of the New Testament were distributed for the people of Iran. Additionally, through the Deaf Bible Society, 1,000 SD cards containing videos with the gospel story translated for the deaf community in India on them were distributed. Finally, through the Seed Company, over $50,000 was raised to finish translations of the full Bible in 15 different languages for people in the Federated States of Micronesia who have never had the Bible in their heart language. 

I had the unique opportunity to design a brand identity for the project. I loved having the freedom to be creative and design a logo that was bold and engaging. Work included the creation of t-shirts, backdrops and print materials. Additionally, I created social media graphics for Instagram and Facebook to spread awareness of this project and to encourage giving.

Instagram story graphics were shared throughout the week by Breakaway Ministries and shared by students.

T-shirts were given to students with every $20 and were available for purchase. Shalom backdrops were set up weekly in the concourse of Reed Arena so promote Shalom giving every Tuesday night of the project. Students could take a polaroid photo in front of the "Seen & Heard" backdrop and then place their photo inside of the letters. This increased social media presence of the project when students shared photos. Shalom 2019 Prayer Cards were placed in each seat of Reed Arena for students to take home.

Slides were displayed in Reed Arena to increase awareness and assist with weekly messages. These were also utilized in the Live Stream for individuals who watch Breakaway online around the world.

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